Partizan Architecture was established in 2013 in Budapest. The practical and theoretical activities of the group include architectural and interior design, furniture and installation design, as well as the production of public art projects and researches in the field of the built environment.
The name Partizan Architecture refers to the tactics of partisan warfare, whose reinterpretation in architecture constitutes the collective's conceptual base toward space production. Highly organized, formal architectural strategies are usually slow and static. However, 'partizanarchytecture' implements tools that enable spontaneous adaptation to the rapidly changing spatial environment and user needs. 'Partizanarchytecture' can be effectively employed in case of budget-oriented projects, where resourceful, out-of-the box solutions need to make up for unaffordable traditional practices. Thus 'partizanarchytecture' is necessarily experimental: it pursues the notion that the smallest intervention should trigger the highest possible qualitative improvement.