Pallet Tactics
Location: Budapest, Photo: Danyi Balázs, Project year: 2015
Publications: Metszet 2017/5 

Program: short time, small budget, big capacity
AbbVie Ltd. commissioned Partizan Architecture to design and build an open-air community furniture for a secondary school in the frame of their annual charity program. The furniture was required to provide seating area for thirty people at one time and it had to be designed and built in two weeks with a very limited budget.

Challenge: What form can serve everyday social life?
Due to the very short time frame it was necessary to find a solution that can be built as fast and simple as possible. The limited budget did not make it possible to think about conventional outdoor benches. So in addition to the time and budget constrains, finding a form that is able to serve social activities of school life was a major challenge.

Project: a pallet landscape for multiple use
Second-hand pallets were chosen to be used as building elements since they could be easily assembled and were cheap. Three pallets on the top of each other constituted a block. Blocks were arrayed in a way to produce different heights and various gaps. Instead of explicitly defined seating units it was intended to provide a 'landscape' structure that enables diverse use. The structure could be inhabited in numerous ways: it created privacy for smaller groups and hosted outdoor lectures for a whole class as well. The generic form proved to be suitable to adopt creative, unexpected modes of occupation without the need of transformation.​​​​​​​