Hotel Room without Furniture 
Location: Budapest, Photo: Danyi Balázs, Project year: 2021
Publications: octogon 176 / MÉD2022 /építészfórum

The minimum size of a hotel room’s floor area is (usually) determined by the traditional furniture and their zone of usage, which is defined according to modernist principles. Hence, the use of every point in a small room becomes specific and has a bound function, thus forcing the guest to behave in a way that is considered ideal. By contrast, we have created a space where users are able to control their environment. We imagined the room as built-in furniture: we did not design individual elements but instead created a “landscape”, the size of the horizontal surfaces of which are at different heights and exceed the minimum space that is required for a given action. Since this furniture (or rather the room) has no predefined method of use or functional constraints due to its size, guests may interpret it freely and decide for themselves how to use it.​​