The Bedroom Instrument
Location: Budapest, Photo: Danyi Balázs, Project year: 2019
Publications: divisare

Program: private bedrooms for two people
Partizan Architecture was commissioned to design interior furnishing for private bedrooms of a downtown lodging in Budapest. Each room had to be equipped with furniture providing comfortable sleeping, relaxing and working areas for two people, as well as storing places for their clothes and other personal belongings.

Challenge: How to provide  functionalities of an apartment in 10m²?
Since the size of the rooms was too small to be furnished with individual pieces of furniture, alternative, space saving solutions had to be developed without limiting the proposed features and usability. So our question of inquiry was the following: How to enable functions in 10m2 that are normally served by a double bed, a wardrobe, a work desk and an armchair?

Project: sole piece of furniture generating complete living area
We developed a structure aiming to unite various types of domestic furniture: the bedroom instrument is a compact unit equipped with surfaces appropriate for sleeping and working, while further horizontal elements can function as storage spaces. Placed in front of the window, the structure extends the width of the window sill providing a place where someone can sit relaxing and reading while enjoying the view of the historic city. The bedroom instrument  is also suitable to host  exposed electric cables of  sockets and lights. The aim of the design was not to create a piece of furniture for bedrooms but an instrument with all the capabilities to constitute a living environment.​​​​​​​